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One of the main objectives of logistics consists also in creation of the integrated effective system of regulation and control of material and information streams providing high quality of delivery of production. The solution of such problems, as is very closely interfaced to this task: compliance each other material and information streams; control of a material stream and data transmission about it in the uniform center; definition of strategy and technology of physical movement of goods; development of ways of management of operations of the movement of goods; setting standards of standardization of semi-finished products and packing; scoping of production, transportation and warehousing; a divergence between the planned purposes and opportunities of purchase and production.

Certainly, in the treatments of logistics noted above its these or those parties fairly are allocated, however the major is lost sight, in our opinion, aspect of logistics – opportunity to influence strategy of corporation and creation of new competitive advantages to firm in the market, i.e. its ultimate goals. This aspect, in essence, finds reflection in the second approach to definition of logistics.

Production of services. Logistics divisions which serve production process, have to not only define his requirements, but also to be capable to smooth fluctuations of supply and demand. Some authors do not consider a production facility in system of logistics, however, note that capacities and an economic prisposablivayemost of the enterprise are important for functioning of logistic system. The main problem for it are determination of the size and placement of the enterprise.

The commercial logistics is considered in two aspects: administrative and technological. The organization of management of supply, advance of a material stream and sales promotion treats organizational management; improvement of technologies of transport transportations of warehouse economy, information support, planning and control, and also optimization of costs of effective functioning of each of these services – to the technological direction.

Each link of a logistic chain includes the elements that in total forms material fundamentals of logistics. Treat material elements of logistics: vehicles and arrangements, warehouse economy, means of communication and managements. The logistic system, naturally, covers also shots, i.e. those workers who carry out all consecutive operations.

Some definitions of logistics reflect both administrative, and economic aspects. The characteristic of logistics given by professor Pfol (FR which coordinates together processes of planning and control of the movement of material values to reduction of costs of their movement and information support is most typical in this regard.

Within noted approach to logistics there is a set of various treatments. Analyzing them, it is easy to notice a number of aspects through which prism the logistics is considered. The greatest distribution was gained by ulravlenchesky, economic and quick and financial aspects.

In a production phase the stockpile management including control of the movement of semi-finished products and components through all stages of production, and also movement of finished goods on wholesale warehouses and retail sales markets becomes function of logistics.

Integral part of all types of logistics is also obligatory existence of the logistic information stream including data collection about a commodity stream, their transfer, processing and systematization with the subsequent issue of ready information. This subsystem of logistics is called often computer logistics.