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In turn Italy is object of Expansion of the capital of the leading countries of the world. Direct foreign capital investments make 76% of all import capital in Italy, portfolio – 24%. About 40% of all direct investments are the share of Switzerland now, the others are distributed between the USA (19%), the EU (33%) and other countries. The foreign capital takes very considerable positions in economy of Italy. Under its control there are about 1/10 all share capitals of Italy, the enterprises of foreign multinational corporations give to turns of the industry of the country and provide employment about 1/6 parts of labor of the industry. The total amount of foreign direct investments in the industry of Italy exceeded a similar indicator for the Italian investments abroad twice.

Reduction of a share of the industry in GDP and cumulative employment happens due to decrease of the activity in traditional branches (metallurgy, heavy mechanical engineering, the clothing, textile industry) at comparative rapid growth of influence of the large companies in the advanced knowledge-intensive branches. Economic crises stimulated efforts of the leading Italian firms on implementation of programs of restructuring and increase of competitiveness of the Italian production in the international markets. So, in metallurgical industry more than 90% of capital investments go for rationalization and updating of the production device.

The relation of export and import to GDP of Italy makes respectively 26-28 and 27-29%. The share of the import goods coming to further processing exceeds 70% of all volume of foreign deliveries. Italy has also a considerable export potential. It is abroad taken out ot40 to 80% of all production of various branches of mechanical engineering.