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Positive NPV value testifies to expediency of adoption of the investment project, and when comparing alternative projects more economically favorable it is considered the project with the greatest size of economic effect.

Therefore such estimates are based on forecasts of the internal and external environment of the enterprise. Use of expected estimates is always connected with the risk proportional to scales of the project and duration of the investment period.

share on dynamic in which all monetary receipts and payments are discounted for the moment of time of adoption of the decision on investment of the capital, and also static which are a private case dynamic and can be used on condition of constancy in time of monetary streams.

is more whole than material stocks of the enterprise. It should be noted, however, and that the Ka value exceeding 1 can testify and to possible inefficient use of temporarily available monetary funds.

It should be noted feature of use of the given ratios in a context of the purposes of the carried-out analysis. It is expected character of the used indicators of the market quotation, the sizes of dividends, etc. that imposes certain restrictions on opportunity and expediency of their practical use.

In this method value of economic effect in many respects is defined by the standard of discounting chosen for calculation - the indicator used for reduction on a factor of time of the expected monetary receipts and payments.