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Town-planning documentation of any kind can be developed on a competitive basis. The approved town-planning documentation of any kind is subject to transfer to appropriate authorities of architecture and town planning for registration and storage.

The master plan is the main town-planning defining in interests of the population and the state of a condition of a of the environment of activity, the direction and border of development of of city and rural settlements, zoning of territories, development of engineering, transport and social infrastructures, requirements to preservation of objects of historical and cultural heritage and especially protected natural territories, to ecological and sanitary wellbeing.

The land plots as a part of residential zones are intended for a by residential buildings, and also objects of cultural and community and other appointment. Residential zones can intend for an housing estate, the low mixed vein of a, the sredneetazhny mixed housing estate and housing estate, and also other types of building according to regulations.

Town-planning documentation about building of territories of city and rural settlements includes: site plannings of parts of territories of city and rural settlements (further - the site planning); projects of a land surveying of territories; projects of building of quarters, residential districts and

1 Land plots as a part of zones of an agricultural in settlements - the land plots occupied with arable lands, long-term plantings, and also buildings, structures, of agricultural purpose - are used for maintaining agricultural production until change of a type of their use according to master plans of and rules of land use and building.

Earthwork is limited if in underground space there are communications belonging to the foreign organization. Along navigable waterways it is impossible to build up the earth strip left for needs of navigation.

If the ground is in the resort settlement, as a rule, it can be built up only with such objects which are necessary for service of the resort. Certain restrictions on use of the earth are imposed by proximity of the protected historical or cultural object, a natural monument.

gratuitous and free use of public objects (foot and highways, objects of engineering infrastructure) which existed on date of transmission of the land plot in property;

1 within line of city, rural settlements can ­ zones of especially protected territories which join the land plots having special nature protection, scientific, historical and cultural, esthetic, recreational, improving and other especially valuable value.

The land plots as a part of production zones of a buildings by the industrial, municipal and warehouse, intended for these purposes other production according to town-planning regulations. 319

The land plots as a part of zones of engineering and transport infrastructures are intended for building by objects of, motor, river, sea, air and transport, communication, engineering infrastructure, and also objects of other appointment according to town-planning.

The land plots as a part of recreational zones, including the land plots occupied with the city woods, squares, parks, the gardens, ponds, lakes, reservoirs for rest of citizens and tourism.

The land plots as a part of public and business zones of a for building by office buildings, objects of educational, cultural and community, social appointment and other intended for public use according to town-planning regulations.

. the earth of the industry, power, transport, communication, broadcasting, television, informatics, the earth for ensuring space activity, the earth of defense, safety and the earth of other social appointment;