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In a word, the secret of moral is concluded not in the individual and not in her; as the phenomenon secondary, superlinear, it goes the sources and the purposes to material and economic requirements and its contents as it was already noted, cannot be something other, as conscious social being. (K. Marx and F. Engels.., t. 3, page.

To reveal specifics of moral, its internal qualitative borders, it is necessary to define its originality within the most public consciousness. Forms of public consciousness can be distinguished among themselves by the following criteria:

The morals arise and develop on the basis of requirement of society to regulate behavior of people in various spheres of their life. The morals are considered one of the most available ways of judgment people of difficult processes of social life. Fundamental issue of morals is regulation of relationship and interests of the personality and society.

it represents a certain valuable relation to the world, - is more exact - subjective interested. She considers the world, the separate social phenomena and acts (actions of individuals and groups, social institutes, their decisions etc.) not in itself, and from the point of view of their value for society (a class. It classifies variety of empirical events either as positive, or as negative, or as neutral. The world is perceived black and white.