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The analysis of the organization of management of social and economic processes in the city of Bobruisk showed that change of social and economic conditions demands reorientation of activity of local bodies to new qualitative reference points.

increase of import duties, import quotas, different types of non-tariff barriers or other measures that limits import of operedenny goods are used and finally restores optimum conditions of the competition in domestic market.

At regulation of activity of the enterprises and organizations which are in the territory of the region both administrative, and economic methods are used. Before relationship of territorial authorities of management with the enterprises had, as a rule, administrative character. They were under construction on application of uneconomical measures of involvement of the enterprises to participation in the solution of regional problems, with

These circumstances demand application of new Forms and methods of management, improvement of the organization and technology of activity of governing bodies at the local level and indicate special relevance of the studied problem. In turn it caused a choice

In the Main directions as the perspective the model of socially oriented market economy which is under construction on the principles of the constitutional guarantees of the personal rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of enterprise, choice of profession and a place of work, equality of all forms of ownership, its guarantee is accepted

The logic of regional planning has to be defined by requirements of system approach to social and economic development of the region. To this logic there has to correspond the structure of the plan and structure of its indicators.

Territorial plans represented the arch of indicators of the enterprises located in this territory until recently. And if earlier behind these indicators there were rigid plan targets, and then basic data in the form of economic standards,

On the basis of the carried-out analysis a number of offers and practical actions of the applied forms and methods of work directed on improvement of system of local management, increase of efficiency, improvement of results of development of the social and economic sphere is developed.

The second group of functions of a community is defined by independently set purposes and follows from the nature of a community as businessman. I.e. that function which especially needs recently realization at the level of our executive committees.

The future turn of the millennia is characteristic for the world community profound system changes in the social and economic relations. First of all it is the global tendencies which are shown in industrialized countries and connected with formation of new, their post-industrial stage. Its main lines - socialization and a humanization of economy, the increasing value of environmental problems,

State regulation of development of regions is carried out at various levels of management - republican and regional. It includes, on the one hand, regulation by republican bodies of development of areas, areas, cities; and on the other hand -

- management and control of objects of municipal property, sets order limits the property assigned to the enterprises, institutions, the organizations of city municipal property as it should be is defined -

The first deputy chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies directs development of power supply, gas supply, water supply and water disposal in the city, the contents and cleaning of the city. The general management of objects of housing-and-municipal and road economy is performed.

Takes an important place in industrial production petrochemical (45,5%), food (12,5%), easy (12,3%), woodworking (10,2%), branches of mechanical engineering and metal working (14,9%), the industry of construction materials (1,3%). The structure of industries of the city is presented in drawing

steady increase of a role of the sociocultural sphere. Along with it the shape and many countries from among developing changes, their agrarian on the substance of economy are transformed to rather developed industrial and agrarian structures.