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The power unit has to provide tension + 5B (not less than 0,7,-3 (not less than 0,2 and + 27B (not less than 0, existence of protection or a safety lock as meet ROM (for example, Is desirable for a series 556xx), which are closed inside.

Development of microelectronics and broad application of its products in industrial production, in devices and control systems of the most various objects and processes is one of the main directions scientifically now - technical progress.

Characteristic tendency of development of element base of the modern equipment (RE is rapid growth of extent of integration. In these conditions actual is a problem of acceleration of development of the knots of the equipment representing schemes about big (ENCORE) and from superbig (SBIS) extents of integration.

In this device the bilateral printed-circuit board made of a nefolgirovanny steklotekstolit is used. As the payment bilateral, and density of conductors high is more expedient to apply an electrochemical method of its production on standard technology.

Conclusion: On the basis of qualitative and quantitative estimates it is possible to draw a conclusion that the device is technological on the design, that is provides the minimum expenses at the set indicators of quality of production.

Reliability of process of programming is defined first of all by reliability of realization of the modes of programming, serviceability of the equipment of a programmator, reliability of communications with a programmable chip. Reliability is provided with carrying out test control of the equipment of a programmator, the software, parameters of sources of influences on clips of communication with PM. These measures are essentially necessary in programmator of production appointment where all modes are carried out automatically and there is no visual control of PM, the refusals and failures in operation of the equipment which are not leading to messages on marriage of the programmed chips are possible.

Conclusion: after the made calculation we come to a conclusion that for lighting of the set room it is necessary to use ceiling USA-25 lamps with two luminescent lamps of the LB-40 type, to have lamps in 2 rows on 5 pieces with a total length of 6,35 m.

Conclusion: Calculated geometrical parameters of elements of printed circuit wiring. Considered the minimum distances between elements of printing drawing corresponding to the conditions shown to geometrical parameters.