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Secondly, there was a certain isolation between cooperation in scientific and technical and production spheres as on a being (on the basis of the general fund of scientific and technical achievements in the certain countries of SEV ­ rather autonomous productions, and in an economic form (movement between the countries of the made on the technology provided on a basis was carried out on the terms of transactions).

At the same time when strengthening the material base necessary for high-quality transformation of branches of economy of the countries of SEV, there is a number of tasks. The first of them — activization of multilateral cooperation on the vanguard directions ­ progress by development and implementation of large programs, projects, priorities. It, certainly, effective way of the international concentration of. At the same time possibilities of its use are not boundless at all. The number of large international programs (even at carefully debugged mechanism of their implementation) has to be defined taking into account not only resource, but also administrative opportunities of ensuring their realization.

The gratuitous exchange of the corresponding supplemented by assistance in preparation of shots for system of the research and design organizations became the most suitable form of a wide dissemination of the scientific and technical decisions which were already available within the commonwealth.

As a result of use of this form of cooperation (with modifications it is used and now) the important positive results expressed first of all in a scientific and technical of the largest structural transformations in economy of the countries of SEV and in formation of bases of a scientific and technical complex in those countries which did not locate in the past own scientific ­ base were received.

In the greatest measure strengthening of systematic nature of scientific and technical progress in conditions of the commonwealth has to be shown in the increasing, speed and efficiency of introduction and a (replications) of innovations in a national economy. For this purpose it is necessary to form purposefully an as for vertical (development — introduction, and for horizontal movement of technology (coverage by new equipment all of new and new objects, spheres of its application).

On the basis of an expanded and proportional of all links of research and development and concentration scientific ­ resources reduction of a of the cycle "science — production" has to be provided and by that the turn of scientific and technical resources is accelerated. For this purpose, ­ the called conditions, it is necessary to raise an of work of scientists, its efficiency on the basis of development of scientific instrument making; to model and automate scientific experiments on the basis of the COMPUTER that will allow as to reduce time and a of experiments, repeatedly to increase their number, and to consider possible conditions of the actual use of innovations at a stage of scientific researches; to accelerate project and design works on the basis of the automated search and a choice already ­ standard decisions, wide use of the COMPUTER and the corresponding peripheral equipment.

The initial prerequisite of regularity scientific ­ progress — providing the defining role of economic targets and tasks in relation to its rates, the directions and results, submission of development of science and equipment to the developed and expected public.

Such indicators as extent of its impact on high-quality transformation of branches and productions become more and more important criteria of productivity of cooperation at the present stage; implementation of in assortment structure of production; increase of "a movement " of technical novelties on stages of a of their scientific and technical development and development by a.

It will promote prevention not only ­ commercial losses, but also to emergence some kind of "the imported overlapping" — the organizations in a number of the countries of the same productions on the basis of diverse equipment and a, different standards complicating development of the directions of technical progress of a by efforts of the Commonwealth countries.